Wiley Wallaby Party

We recently received a package of Wiley Wallaby assorted licorice through Tryazon!

First off, we have been fans of the Wiley Wallaby Classic Red flavor for a long time now and have been getting the 32oz packages at our local Sam’s Club. When we received our package, we were surprised by all of the flavors!

Our package contained the following flavors: Classic Black, Classic Red, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blasted Berry (Mix of Huckleberry, Blueberry Pomegranate and Triple Berry), and Sourrageous Drops.

For our Tryazon Party, we had to pivot very last minute like most of us have done this past year because of an unexpected illness 😷. We were able to drop off “samples” of the licorice as well as full party bags that were sent to us as door prizes to our some of our participants and meet up on FaceTime.

We all got to taste test all the flavors, track our favorites and play the “guess the flavor” blind folded game that the kid’s made up. By far, the favorite flavor was the Sourrageous Drops with a sour-chewy center and a sweet coated candy shell, followed by the Green Apple licorice-this had a very bold flavor!

Overall, this was a fun experience to have with friends and family! We were fans of Wiley Wallaby before this party and we will continue to be fans after!

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