Sensory Bins

Sensory bins have so many educational uses as well as being straight up fun!

I started using sensory bins when I was a teacher in the elementary setting. Most students enjoy the sense of touch and exploring different materials with their hands, this is true for very young children as well.
With the bins you can teach colors, shapes, letters, numbers, different categories (large/small, big/little, dark/light, soft/hard, etc.), your bins can focus on themes such as books you’re reading and different holiday/seasons. With a wide ray of options you can do just about anything with them!

What you will need:

A large bin

Material to fill it (depending on age of child)
Examples: rice, noodles, beans, slime, sand, soil, water beads, paper scraps,
applesauce, pudding, snow, etc.

Something to explore or find
Examples:toy animals, scoops, spoons, little cars, bowls, other small toys
(focus on your theme- $ spot at Target and the $ store have great finds for this!)

And of course, ALWAYS supervise little ones!

Here are some examples of what we have done at home:

Pinterest is also an awesome resource for some great ideas!

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