Indoor Tape Maze

Anyone else out there trying to keep their kids active while stuck inside? We decided to get a little creative today with some masking tape. We constructed a large maze for our kiddos to move and groove through. This was simple and fun for our 2 and 4 year old. Give it a try!

After deciding we were going to make a maze we moved some furniture to the side and started creating lines and lots of dead ends.

The kids loved running through it and getting “stuck” while trying to find the exit!

To give it a new twist and to have the fun last a little bit longer I gave my oldest a small soccer ball that he had to try to keep in the red lines! He really enjoyed it!

After a while the kids were pretending to be animals and vehicles, hoping, skipping, slithering through the maze and finally at the end, parking in the “their” garage.

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