Colored Ice Scavenger Hunt!

Need a fun outdoor activity in the snow? Try an ice scavenger hunt! It’s easy, fun and cheap!

Find an ice tray or something to form the shape you want and then fill it with water. Silicon ice trays work very well for this. I used plastic cups and had my son fill them about an inch full of water.

Next, add food coloring of your choice. We used a variety of colors.

Once all the colors are mixed up, place your ice tray (cookie sheet in my case!) in the freezer. Let them freeze for about 12 hours.

After they freeze, pop them out of the tray. They are ready to be used outside for the scavenger hunt!

Before the scavenger hunt started we talked about tracking. My kids followed my footprints to try to find where I buried the cubes. They spent about 25 minutes trying to find 26 colored ice cubes to fill their buckets.

To throw in some learning I had my son write out the name of some colors on a sheet of cardboard. Then he sorted his ice by colors and counted how many cubes he had in each group.

After the scavenger hunt my kids wanted to hide the cubes again-this lasted about another 20 minutes! It was a great way to spend outside time together. I hope you try it!

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