Leprechaun Slime

Slime. Kids love it.
This weekend my son wanted to make slime and in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day we made some fun green Leprechaun slime or Leprechaun snot as my son would say! There are a ton of different recipes for this repulsive substance online. Our favorite recipe is the one that only calls for 3 ingredients and equal parts of each, check it out below!

What you will need:

3 Ingredients:
Liquid Glue
Liquid Starch

Other Items:
Mixing Utensil
Measuring Cup
(you need equal parts of the 3 ingredients-I decided to use 1/2 cup)

Optional: food coloring, glitter, sequence

First, squeeze out a 1/2 cup of glue and place it in your bowl.

Next, add a 1/2 cup of water.

Mix glue and water together well. I placed a tray under the bowl for those little spills I had anticipated.

Next, add food coloring and/or any glitter/sequence to the mix if desired.

Then you will add a 1/2 cup of liquid starch to the bowl.

Mix it well, it should start to form a slime substance right away but does take a while to get to the right consistency.

Here comes the fun part, after about a minute of mixing it you will want to take the slime out of the bowl so you can start working with it in your hands!

This activity has kept my kids busy at the table all weekend. When not in use we store it in a plastic baggie and I only keep it for about 1 week before we toss it.

Does anyone out there have a favorite slime recipe?

*Young children should always be supervised when making and playing with this substance.

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