Leftover Jellybeans?

How many of you have leftover jellybeans? We had a bag just starring at us today saying “eat me, eat me!”. Use those beans for a simple and fun activity we like to call, Jellybean Architecture. My son loves to create and build so that’s exactly what we did! This was super easy. Only two supplies needed (toothpicks and jellybeans).

We started by trying to put the toothpicks in the jellybeans but that was too difficult so I put them in the microwave for 30 seconds. This helped soften them up and we were able to push them through very easily and safely.

Once we got going, we decided to make a tower that turned into a castle with a pond. Can you see it?! (Four year old’s imaginations are the best!)

So simple and fun especially on a cold and snowy (April) day!

This is an activity I did not let me 3 year old do. Always assess your child’s individual skills before starting an activity to make sure it is safe and they are ready for it.

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