Pizza on the Farm – Stoney Acres Farm in Athens

One of my family’s favorite places to eat in the summer is at Stoney Acres Farm in Athens. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!

Pizza on the Farm is exactly what it sounds like. You are ordering a pizza baked in an outdoor brick oven with the freshest ingredients coming straight from the farm onto your table. All of the vegetables, meat and even the grains to make the pizza crust come from the farm. The cheese is the only topping not from Stoney Acres but is local, coming from a creamy in Marathon.

Pizza on the Farm will open for the season on Friday, April 20th. New this year, pizza night will be every Friday and Saturday from 4:30pm – 8:30pm until November 3rd.

As a family with young kids I tend to over pack and prepare for a disaster pretty much any place we go. Pizza on the Farm in Athens is a place where my kids can be loud, run around and just be their curious little selves. It’s pure bliss!

What I bring:
-Usually chairs/table or a large picnic blanket
-Appetizers, snacks, desserts (there can be a little bit of a wait on a busy night so be prepared)
-Plates, Napkins, Wet Wipes, silverware if needed
-Card Games, Coloring Book – none of this is usually used because they are playing outside with
other kids in the sandbox and visiting with farm animals!

(photo credit: Russell Wiegand)

Drinks- This year there are no carry-ins for beverages. Enjoy some new options at the farm including beers and hard ciders brewed right at Stoney Acres Farm. They will also be selling bottled water, Wisconsin sodas and root beers. Tap water will be free.

For directions and to find out more about Stoney Acres Farm- click here!

(photo credit: Russell Wiegand)

Try pizza night out. Let us know what you think!

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