Tinker Time at the IDEA Center

Have you heard of Tinker Time at the IDEA Center in Stevens Point?
This is a new program that started in January of this year where families can work together to build and create, letting the kids get involved as much as possible for hands on learning and fun!

The last Saturday of each month from 10am-12pm, families can purchase a kit for $5. The kit includes all materials needed for that months project.

Our 4 year old has an inquisitive mind and is a hands on learner so we purchase two kits so he and our 3 year old can work at their own pace with our guidance.

Above is my 3 year old making seed bombs at the last Tinker Time event.

Kits are $5 a piece and are limited. Register by emailing gregw@createportagecounty.org. Money is collected at the door.

CREATE Portage County’s IDEA Center
1039 Ellis Street
Stevens Point, WI, 54481

Check out the monthly classes below (Facebook Links):

Saturday, May 26th TinkerTime: LED Flowers

Saturday, June 30th TinkerTime: Boat Building

Saturday, July 28th TinkerTime: Squishy Circuits

Saturday, August 25th TinkerTime: Flip Books

Saturday, September 29th TinkerTime: Kaleidoscopes

Saturday, October 27th TinkerTime: Light Painting

Saturday, December 1st TinkerTime: Hour of Code

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