Color Match Scavenger Hunt!


My kids LOVE scavenger hunts! They’re easy to set up, fun for all ages and a great way to keep your kids active! They can be done indoors, outdoors, and can be done at any season! Plus, it doesn’t cost anything-you just need a place to search!

For the COLOR MATCH SCAVENGER HUNT all you need is:

*Brown paper bag (to carry all their treasures)
*Variety of colored markers, crayons or colored pencils
*NATURE (or an alternative place to search!)

Step 1) Make small colored marks on the bag so the kids can match their findings to the bag.

**To make this a little more challenging for my 4 year old I added more colors on his bag and then added numbers on his colors (indicating he needed to find 3 yellow items, or two green items, etc).**

Step 2) Explain that you are matching what you find to the colors-show them examples.

Step 3) Let them loose! AND have fun! Compare what everyone has found at the end!

This is a great activity for a small or a large group. Get outside and enjoy the weather while you can!

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