Hot Cocoa Bombs *Made by the 7 & 5 year old!*

Hot Cocoa Bombs are the talk of the town right now. Everyone is trying to get their hands on some before the holidays…including my own kids! My son saw these yummy treats on an ad and asked if we could make them for friends, family and of course, himself! So we did!

The first thing you will need is a mold. We used a variety of shapes, suggested by my daughter-she really likes hearts and stars! Here are a few we used:

Grab your favorite chocolate, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and sprinkles! We had quite the variety as the kids HAD to try different combinations!

First, you will melt the chocolate in the microwave for 30 second intervals, mixing after each 30 seconds. When it is all melted you will spread about 1 tablespoon of chocolate in your mold (depending on what size mold you are using). Once the mold is covered, freeze for 5 minutes and repeat with another layer of chocolate. Freeze for another 5 minutes. Once the second layer is set, pop the spheres out.

You are now ready to fill those bombs up! My son chose a Salted Carmel Hot Cocoa and my daughter wanted a Mint Hot Cocoa mix. Each put about two tablespoons of mix in their shell and a few mini marshmallows and sprinkles! We were able to get dehydrated colored shapes marshmallows that reminded them of the “Lucky Charms” cereal from our local UBake store, here in Wausau. They LOVED the novelty of it!

After your bombs are filled with all the sugary stuff, warm up a plate in the microwave for 30 seconds. This plate will be the heat source you will use to melt the edges of the half sphere. Rub 1 side of the sphere on the plate, once it starts to melt, place 2 half spheres together to make a globe. If there are holes or it is not sticking together well, you can glue it up with some more chocolate! After it’s sealed, you can drizzle chocolate on the top and add some of your favorite toppings! Voilà! A Hot Cocoa Bomb a child can make!

To enjoy these bad boys, you will need to heat up some water or milk. Place the cocoa bomb in a mug, add warm liquid, give it a stir…enjoy!!

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