Melody Gardens in Marshfield, WI

This past Sunday, our family rented out the Melody Gardens Rollerskating Rink in Marshfield, Wisconsin. You guys, it was a blast! My husband and I haven’t been on skates for 20+ years and our 5 & 7 year old have never roller skated before. On top of that, we dragged along my parents and brother-it was a hoot! 😉

When making reservations, there were two packages to choose from. The one we chose, was $60 for 1.5 hours of skating time for 6 people. It also included $10 worth of coins for their arcade games, 2 pitchers of soda and 2 baskets of popcorn. When we got there, the disco balls were ready and we were able to choose the music we wanted to skate to.

Costumer service was great! Margie, the owner, gave my kids individual skating tips throughout our time there, that defiantly boosted their confidence and made it more fun for them (and some adults)! Margie also brought out several skating aids for some of us that needed/wanted them- they defiantly came in handy! 🙂

After skating for a little bit, we decided it was time to check out the arcade. They had a variety of games to choose from with most of them dispensing tickets that you can save up for prizes at the end. We played for about 20 minutes and then went back to the rink.

Towards the end of our skating time, we ordered pizza and ice cream from their restaurant connected to the rink. It was ready for us right at noon when our rink time was over and the next group was coming in. Our family was able to stay in the rink building at a table near the restaurant. There was plenty of space between the 2 parties and Margie was sanitizing everything thoroughly before the next group arrived. In my opinion, the establishment seemed very clean, and well taken care of.

Overall, our experience was wonderful! It felt great getting out and doing something in the community as well as supporting a local business. I think our kids have asked to go back only about 73+ times at this point! 🙂 I defiantly recommend it and will hopefully be going back sometime soon!

For more information about Melody Gardens skating packages and available skating times, visit their link here, or call: 715-384-3326.

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